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Advisory Services

A well constructed development plan is critical to the success of any project. Drawing from our experience, the Au Capital Development Plan highlights some of the critical issues that need to be addressed in the Emerging Technology sector. 

The following are the services that Au Capital offers developers of innovative technology, project developers and owners of businesses in the Emerging Technology sector.

  • Identification of new technology in the Renewable Energy sector, including green based, carbon neutral, carbon positive and Clean Technology applied to electricity generation, heating, cooling and water processes 

  • Identification of new technology in the Biotechnology and Information Technology sectors 

  • Assistance to the originator/developer to obtain the necessary permits/authorisations to allow the technology to be developed on a local, national and international level

  • Technical advice and support to the originator/developer and the review of new technology to assess the development potential and commercial viability

  • Technical advice on existing technology and processes to identify the key technology and process drivers for efficiency and cost improvement, resulting in higher investment returns

  • Assistance with the development of process design and testing.

  • Assistance with supply chain development

  • Operational advice and ability to structure Operation & Maintenance Contracts

  • Able to act as owners engineer, provide independent technical advice for investors and lenders

  • Operation and business procedures relating to insurance (application of engineering standards)

  • Asset valuation (relating to insurance values of specific assets)

  • Enhancement and promotion of Business Plans for new and developmental technologies

  • Financial modelling of the operatiuons and financing

  • Deployment of own and associated technical expertise in developer team as appropriate 

  • Identification and sourcing of feedstock supplies

  • Advice on, structuring and negotiating of feedstock supply contracts

  • Advice on, structuring and negotiating of off-take contracts

  • Assistance with sourcing of seed and development funding by bringing together the clients on the wealth management solutions side of the Au Capital business to identify and structure new and innovative sources of capital

  • Assistance with the structuring and sourcing of innovative senior debt financial solutions on a project/asset/bond finance basis

  • Establishment of tax efficient structures to assist with sourcing of capital 

  • Alignment of motivation by partnering with the originator/developer to achieve high and sustainable returns

  • Development of exit strategies

  • Complete due diligence services, covering technical, operational, financial and commercial areas.